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Remembrance Service 2014

September 20, 2014

To honor the memory of loved ones lost in the past year, a special by invitation Ceremony of Remembrance will be held at Puritan Lawn Memorial Park on Saturday September 20th @ 9am at the Flag Circle.

This ceremony offers families an opportunity to pause and reflect on fond memories of recently departed loved ones.  Getting together helps us keep fresh thoughts of our departed loved ones and allows us to fully appreciate friends and family members still with us. 

As part of the service, family members will be given an opportunity to remember their loved one by announcing their name at the podium and by placing a flower in a remembrance bouquet.  You may bring a flower of your choice or you may use one that we have on hand. 

Please let us know of any family or friends you would like to attend this special occasion.  We will send your guests a personalized invitation to join you at the ceremony.  Please give call us at 978-535-3660 or if you or a guest would like to actively participate in the ceremony.