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COVID-19 Update

April 1, 2020

Family Service Office/Crematory Chapel/Maintenance Building

Only Puritan Lawn personnel will be allowed in family service office or maintenance building.

Only families with key cards may visit niches in the crematory chapel; no groups or services will be held.

For park visits/appointments, please call when you arrive and we will meet you out in front of the office.

Staff member will have you follow them while you stay in your own vehicle and will communicate via mobile devices.

If desired, we can depart vehicles and look over available areas while maintaining appropriate social distances.

Additional information or paperwork approvals can be done via phone, email, or regular mail.

We have a mail slot at the front door of the family service office for payments, agreements or correspondence.

Office will be staffed Monday - Friday 8:30-5pm, Saturday 9-3pm, Sunday by appointment.

Park gates will continue to be open 7 days a week, 7am – 7pm.


All Burials

Burial paperwork/signatures/payments should be processed prior to entering the cemetery to minimize contact.

Paperwork may be handed to funeral escort when you enter the park; poly bags may be used to collect paperwork.

Funeral attendees must wait in cars until casket is placed on the grave by Puritan Lawn staff.

Puritan Lawn funeral attending staff may be wearing rubber gloves for caskets, urns, and burial paperwork.

No more than 3 flower pieces may be placed at the grave until further notice.

Urns should be placed at the grave by the persons in possession of the urn when entering the cemetery.

No pall bearers will be allowed until further notice.

Puritan Lawn must be advised ahead of time if deceased is a known or suspect COVID 19 patient.

Deceased must be in a sealed casket.

After the graveside service:

Family must leave graveside before Puritan staff lowers casket.

Funeral Home personnel must leave graveside or observe from a distance of at least 20 ft.



Only Puritan Lawn staff or Funeral Home personnel delivering bodies will be allowed in crematory building.

No bodies will be accepted without approved paperwork received prior to or at time of body is received.

The 48 hour waiting period has been lifted until further notice so bodies will be cremated at our convenience.

Copy of authorizations/paperwork can be emailed when possible, crematory@puritanlawn.com

If deceased is a known COVID-19 patient, it must be noted on the authorization form.

For COVID-19 cases, time of delivery must be scheduled so precautions can be taken.

All bodies with confirmed or suspect COVID-19 must arrive in a poly bag and in an outer container.