Decoration & Visitation Guidelines

Flush Memorial Graves

Decoration & Visitation Guidelines

Fresh cut flowers are allowed Spring thru Nov. 15th.

Cemetery Baskets or Potted Plants are only allowed for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, and Halloween period (10/15-11/6). A sign near the entrance will display removal dates for potted plants and flags, typically 7 days after the holiday. No tree, shrub, plant, or flower may be planted on any grave or other area within the cemetery.

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Artificial flowers, candles, balloons, pinwheels, rocks, toys, figurines, glass items, and other ornamentation are not permitted on graves. Approved permanent bronze flower vases may be arranged in most areas of the park. Temporary vases are allowed in some areas and may be available at the office.

Individual Flags may be placed on a grave for Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Veterans Day by lot owners or veteran’s organizations. We regret that we cannot be responsible for flags, flag holders or emblems left at the grave; you must remove for safekeeping. By Thanksgiving, all vases must be turned down or removed to prevent damage or injury.

After Thanksgiving, grave blankets, wreaths, or sprays may be placed on graves, provided they are less than 2 ft. in height. All coverings will be removed by February 15th, weather permitting.

Columbarium Cremation Niche Walls

Hanging any items on niche fronts or vases, placing items with adhesive or writing on niches with any type of marking pen, paint or lipstick is prohibited; the cemetery is not responsible for damage cause by removal of these items.

Fresh flowers may be placed on tables in vases provided; the flowers will be removed when they wilt or become unsightly. Up to 3 items per person may be placed inside the glass front niches, subject to niche size and approval by Puritan Lawn staff. Items permitted include framed pictures, bronze or porcelain cameos, and memorial name plates. In the 1st 6 months, one change or addition may be made at not charge; subsequent niche openings to make changes will incur a $50 fee.

Fresh cut flower stems may be placed in your permanent bud vase Apr. 1st - Dec. 1st; to arrange a permanent vase, please inquire at the office. Dec. 1st - Apr. 1st, water must be removed from vase; appropriate winter decorations may be placed. Artificial flowers, candles, balloons, pinwheels, toys/figurines, glass items, and other ornamentation are not permitted. No flower or approved decoration can extend more than 6" out of vase.

General Visitor Guidelines

Park is open for visitation year round from dawn to dusk. No items shall be hung from trees or shrubs or placed in any flower beds; ornaments may only be placed on the Holiday tree at Veteran’s circle during December. Puritan Lawn Cemetery is not responsible for theft of or damage to flowers or memorials left at the cemetery. The cemetery does not reimburse visitors or interment right owners for the cost of flowers or other items missing or damaged by wildlife. Please observe signage and use care while driving in the cemetery.

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Thank you for helping maintain the natural beauty of Puritan Lawn Memorial Park!