Recent/Pending Loss

We are so sorry that you’ve had a recent passing or are anticipating a loved one’s passing. This time can be very confusing. Here are some next steps to simplify the process:

  1. Notify the funeral home that a death has occurred
  2. The funeral home goes to the place of death for removal and transport of the deceased to the funeral home
  3. The family member in charge of arrangements has a meeting with the funeral home
  4. The funeral home contacts Puritan Lawn of the upcoming burial and schedules a time for the family to come to the cemetery to finalize arrangements and details
  5. The family meets with a Family Services Rep. from Puritan Lawn

When you contact Puritan Lawn, it would be helpful to include:

  1. The full name of the deceased (including middle initial)
  2. The full name of the lot owner if a burial space is owned (if no space is owned we will schedule a time to tour the property and select a space. If the lot is owned by multiple people, such as siblings, all owners will have to sign off on the use of the space on an Order for Interment Form. We will help you determine if this step is necessary)
  3. The funeral home you will be working with
  4. Is it a traditional casket burial or cremation interment?
  5. Full name, address, and phone number of the next of kin making arrangements
  6. The next of kin’s relationship to the deceased

If you do not have much of this information that’s not a problem, we will work through the details together.

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After the Funeral:

  1. The funeral will take place wherever the family has arranged (in a church, at the funeral home, or at the burial site at Puritan Lawn)
  2. When the processional arrives at Puritan Lawn they are met by our lead car who will direct them to the final resting place
  3. A week later a Family Services Rep. will call to confirm that everything went as planned and to inquire about any further needs for the family. In addition to arrangements, Puritan Lawn also holds grief counseling groups and other services to assist the loved ones in the days and months that follow. A Family Services Rep. will advise on these additional benefits and answer any questions.

To make arrangements for a loved one, contact the cemetery office at 978-535-3660 or send us an email with more details.